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Focusing on more than just teaching kids acting skills, Play in a Day aims to deliver a diverse range of learning outcomes. The play development workshop is designed to enable the participant to investigate a range of concepts, definitions, cultural assumptions and social issues relating to their own behaviour and learning and turn them into a written 10-minute play which is rehearsed and then performed to an audience – all in a 24 hour period!


Play in a Day  aims to give students an understanding and skill set, that develops their; confidence and self-esteem to explore, depict and celebrate human experience, taking risks challenging their own creativity through drama knowledge and understanding in controlling, applying and analysing the elements, skills, processes, forms, styles and techniques of drama to engage audiences and create meaning sense of curiosity, aesthetic knowledge, enjoyment and achievement through exploring and playing roles, and imagining situations, actions and ideas as drama makers and audiences engagement with their own stories and storytelling processes knowledge and understanding of traditional and contemporary drama as critical and active participants and audiences.

Our aim is to teach theatre strategies such as brainstorming, concept development, scriptwriting, rehearsal technique, line learning and performance skills. Experts are brought in to guide and facilitate certain areas of the process and provide relevant feedback prior to performance.

The workshop is structured to facilitate 12 hours of base-building exercises and lesson work and 12 hours of rehearsal and writing (with some time for rest and fun thrown in too!). Participants work in designated groups of 4-5 throughout the entire 24 hour period. The whole workshop is designed to mimic the industry environment of working collaboratively as part of a creative team.

The Arts have a special relationship with learning, … Fully understanding the Arts involves critical and practical study. Through this students have the opportunity to explore, experiment, create, analyse and critique, and ultimately discover multiple meanings in artwork.

(Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority, 2010, p. 3)


Thank you to the Management and Students of
Little Seeds Theatre Company
for piloting our program in January 2017

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